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Mary is a compassionate and sensitive psychic medium from the Hudson Valley who uses her ability to connect and tune into your energy and the energies that surround your life to instill a greater sense of who you are and your mission and purpose on this Earth plane, providing support and guidance. Since early childhood, Mary has been sensitive to energy, and has had the ability to feel people's emotions and feelings with compassion and empathy. Stories her parents shared with her about their visitations from loved ones in the spirit world as well as her own experiences with angel interventions and Spirit encouraged her to embrace her sensitivity and develop her ability leading her to mentor under the guidance of several renowned psychic mediums, healers, and Reiki masters. Mary trusts and relies on connecting to Spirit to deliver evidential and healing messages to you from your loved ones on the other side of life. Mary is a certified Spiritual Adviser and she is also a member of the International Reiki Center for Training and has also received training in Trance Mediumship and Healing and Bhakti Energy Healing. Mary is a certified Reiki Master practitioner and teacher.

"My divine purpose on this Earth plane is to heal. To heal is to love and to love is divine."

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