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Readings by Mary 

Polish your soul with love, patience, and kindness

So it shines on others like a mirror reflecting the warmth of the sun

As bright as stardust glimmers and gleams

your light dancing on water


Soul & Psychic 

During a soul reading, Mary connects to your energy to feel your essence and to help focus on past traumas and events that may have developed into patterns that are not serving you. Psychic readings focus on what is happening in your life including health, career, family and relationships. We all have free will and our futures change based on our decisions and actions. 


Our loved ones are always with us and want to communicate with us to offer guidance and support. Mary will ask your loved ones in Spirit to come close and ask them to blend with her to communicate their messages of love to you. There may be someone in Spirit you are hoping will come through, but Mary relies on the spirits that want to communitcate with you and sometimes that specific someone may not come through. 

All readings can be done by either phone or Zoom.

Psychic Mediumship Development

Psychic Mediumship Development Session

Perfect for beginners interested in understanding and unlocking their psychic and mediumship gifts. Mary will assess where you are in your development and provide guidance and techniques to help you advance. 

Development sessions are done by phone or Zoom.


Distance Reiki Healing Session

Mary is a trained and certified Reiki Master practitioner. The name Reiki, comes from the Japanese word Rei (life) and ki (energy). This type of energy is known by many names including qi in China,  ki or ti by Native Hawaiians, prana in India, and biofield energy by the science community. Life energy flows through all living things and directly affects the quality of a person's health. When our life energy is low or there are blockages in the flow, we are more susceptiple to illness and it is harder to deal with stress,  and we may not sleep well. Reiki is a technique that increases a person's supply of life energy and improves the energy flow.  Due to COVID-19, in-person healing sessions are not available, but distance healing sessions offer the same beneift. Schedule a Distance Reiki healing session to promote both physical and emotional healing and well being. 

Mary uses a Reiki Crystal Healing Grid to send you Distance Reiki healing.

Disclaimer: Readings offered on this site are for entertainment purposes.

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