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Psychic Medium

 Mary Ahenakew 


Polish your soul with love, patience, and kindness

So it shines on others like a mirror reflecting the Warmth of the Sun

As bright as Sun's rays glimmer and beam

Your light dancing on water



During a psychic reading, Mary connects to your energy to feel your essence and to help focus on past events that may have developed into patterns that are not serving you, and focus on what is happening in your life including health, career, family and relationships. We all have free will and our futures change based on our decisions and actions. 


Our loved ones are always with us and want to communicate with us to offer guidance and support. Mary will ask your loved ones in Spirit to come close and ask them to blend with her to communicate their shared memories and messages of love to you and to let you know that they are really not too far away. There may be someone in Spirit you are hoping will come through, but Mary relies on the spirits that want to communitcate with you and sometimes that specific someone may not come through. 

All readings can be done by either phone or Zoom.

Develop Your Gift

Spiritual Coaching

Are you sensitive to energy and feel the need to learn more about what you are experiencing? Do you want to learn how to develop and use your gift? I will help you to understand what you are experiencing and start you on the path to gain the tools and confidence to practice and use your gift.

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